Welcome to Divana, a wellness spa and product brand that was founded with a deep passion for the healing power of nature. The word "Divana" means "Passionate" in Sanskrit, which perfectly reflects the enthusiasm and dedication of our team founders. Brand Vision “We strive to bring Health & Happiness to the world with Holistic and Natural Wellness Solutions” Brand Mission “We provide people with profound sensorial experiences through Innovative Products, Premium Spa, and Exquisite Thai Service”.
Our founders' love for nature's incredible ability to heal the body, mind, and soul led them on a journey around the world. During their travels, they had the opportunity to experience various spas, thermal baths, and other nature-based therapies that left a lasting impression on them. Finally, they decided to open their own garden home day spa, which marked the beginning of Divana's wellness journey.

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Since 2001, Divana Spa has been located in the heart of Bangkok and has been providing exclusive signature spa services and treatments. Our aim is to integrate the healing power of nature with authentic oriental wisdom and famous Thai hospitality to pamper and heal our clients' body, mind, and soul. We strive not only to satisfy but to create a lasting impression on every client that visits us.

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At Divana, we believe that wellness is not just about visiting a spa. We have expanded into a new era of holistic wellness by offering exquisite products and services, including medical spas, plant-based products, wellness skincare, signature cafes, and wellness supplements..

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Product Inspiration Ring Of Life The concept of the "Ring of Life" is inspired by the rings of a tree and represents Divana's brand value. The first ring represents WELLNESS, the second ring represents NATURAL and the third ring represents HOSPITALITY. By focusing on these three aspects of life, Divana aims to provide holistic and comprehensive wellness solutions for our clients, promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Plant-based ingredient Natural Ingredients Selection

Natural Ingredients Selection What is Plant Based Product Divana offers a range of plant-based products that are made from pure and organic ingredients sourced from nature. The ingredients used in these products are carefully selected to provide a holistic and natural approach to wellness, and they do not contain any harsh chemicals or animal-derived ingredients. Divana's plant-based products are designed to promote well-being and support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

What is Certified Organic Ingredients Divana uses certified organic ingredients in their plant-based products, such as organic plant oils, essential oils, herbs, and fruits. These ingredients are carefully sourced from certified organic farms and processors to ensure high quality and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable product
making process

Divana strives to create sustainable products and processes in various ways. For example, we use certified organic ingredients sourced from sustainable farms and processors. We also use eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging materials for their products, such as hand crafted glass bottles and recycled paper boxes and bottles. By incorporating sustainable practices, Divana aims to minimize their impact on the environment and promote long-term sustainability.