Four Elements Room Fragrance Pitta Green Olive 200ml.

2,450 ฿

• How to use
1. The fragrance of the fragrance oil in the bottle will be sucked up along the wooden stem. and spread out with the wind and temperature of the surrounding air Bring the scent from the fragrance oil to spread into the air.
2. Suitable for those who want comfort. Don’t worry about ignition and heat. It should be placed in an area no larger than 20-25 square meters if used in a wide area and wanting more fragrance. You should increase the number of bottles. and should be placed reasonably far apart so that the scent can spread evenly.
3. The lifespan normally takes about 2 – 3 weeks at room temperature, depending on the number of wooden stems inserted.

***** Recommended to use two stems. and focus on turning the stick ******

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How to use