Phenomenon Aromatic Candle North Star 180g.

1,150 ฿

Experience happiness with a relaxing scent that is
concocted with a feeling of wanting to make your loved ones
happy. Help your home not to be boring anymore. Just place it in the
desired area such as on the desk,bedroom, living room, kitchen,
bathroom to reduce unwanted smell. Replaces the unwanted smell with a fresh scent.

Instructions : Open the lid. Straighten the wick and trim it to the
length of 5-6 mm in order to prevent the undesirable smoke. Light the
candle then place it upwind so that you can fully enjoy the
aroma. Straighten the wick and arrange it to the center of the
glass every time after finished using.

Storages and cautions : Store the candle at room temperature, in
the dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children
and pets. Always keep the candle covered with its lid after finished
using. Do not light the candle in the windy area. Do not light the
candle near flammable materials. Do not leave the burning candle
unattended. Only place the burning candle on a heatproof surface.

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