Divana : Signature Room Fragrance : Queen of the Night 200ml.

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• Queen Of The Night The fusion of grace. Add a touch of luxury to your places with the unique scent of divana Novena Oriental Signature Room Fragrance. The blends of the world’s finest essential oils from a royal signature spa programs, exclusively designed by divana together with the power of authentic gemstones and pure 24K gold leaves that will cover your home uniquely with elegance & tranquility. Each divana room fragrance offers continual perfume emit-ted into the room via the included rattan bamboo reed sticks. Bring all the good vibes and glows with the fantastic forces of authentic gemstones to your favourite corner by divana’s the fusion of grace

• How to use
1. The fragrance of the fragrance oil in the bottle will be sucked up along the wooden stem. and spread out with the wind and temperature of the surrounding air Bring the scent from the fragrance oil to spread into the air.
2. Suitable for those who want comfort. Don’t worry about ignition and heat. It should be placed in an area no larger than 20-25 square meters if used in a wide area and wanting more fragrance. You should increase the number of bottles. and should be placed reasonably far apart so that the smell can spread evenly. 3. The lifespan normally takes about 2-3 months at room temperature, depending on the volume, heat, sunlight, and wind if it’s right. more stimulated by these stimuli It will make the fragrance stronger but will evaporate quickly.

• Trivial ———
1. Queen of the Night Novena Oriental Signature Room Fragrance is an air freshener that uses the principles of aroma therapy or aromatherapy. which is widely popular today Because it is part of helping to cure disease and relax the mind very well. Divena, Thailand’s leading luxury spa leader, has brought the unique scent of the spa to combine with Roomfa Gran’s collection, Novena Oriental Signature Room Fragrance
2. By the nature of evaporation. of that smell Scent molecules always float from the bottom to the top. Therefore, the diffuser bottle should be placed at waist level, such as a work desk, so that the scent can fully evaporate into our olfactory organs (nose) and achieve maximum efficiency. Warm and pleasant aroma of olives. Make your day miraculously relaxed.

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How to use